Your Travertine Is Just Not Cleaning Up Anymore

  • First things first. I will give you a pro tip. The fastest way to get your floors dirty is to mop it ..Thats right. Expecially with a bucket. Travertine cleaning with a mop and bucket just spreads dirt into the grout and the holes that the floor has . After the first dunk, the water is dirty and by the second dunk , you are now wiping the dirt onto the stone floor where the water will go to the lowest point, the grout and holes , then the water will evaporate and the dirt  will stay in.
tile brush

tile brush

So, then what is the best way to clean this up. After getting dirty , it is very labor intensive and close to impossible to restore it to the way it was when new as a homeowner.  Many people are now using micro fiber swifters  and a stone safe cleaning agent ,lightly spray the area , use multiple micro fiber pads to clean the area, to maintain the surface of the stone, marble, limestone or travertine. for the grout lines you will need to do detail work with a stone cleaner and a grout brush ( kinda like a tooth brush) . You will spray small areas of the grout and scrub it till you see the dirt loosing, then wipe up with rag , then light rinse with water.

The best stone and grout cleaner ever.

For most people with significant footage of travertine or stone, this is a tall task. We have the ability to clean and seal your tile floors  and stone tile flooring to a like new appearance. We first vacuum the floors or broom if needed and then spray our safe stone cleaner  onto the floor and grout. We manually scrub by hand all grout lines and then bring in the big guns ( so to speak) We have a cimex scrubber machine that was designed for great scrubbing of the holes and grout on stone floors. This process will loosen ALL dirt in the grout and stone pores. After this we steam clean the stone floors and rinse all dirt out leaving clean floors. We dry the stone with towels and fans , and then we can apply our impregnator ( absorbs into grout and stone) sealer that protects the floor for years.

My Floor looks so Dull , Will Cleaning Help ?

Cleaning only removes dirt and soil from your stone , marble travertine floors. Cleaning does not make the floors shinier or change the wear and tear of the floor. If you have man made tiles , this is of no concern for you. Stone floors have different hardness levels and many different stone finishes or shines. Travertine is particularly soft stone so it can get dull or scratched easy . The only way to change it properly is to restore it . Stone Restoration  is the process of sanding or grinding the top of the stone enough to remove the finish and remove the scratches. This Stone honing  will make the stone surface dull and  rough. The next step is Stone Polishing . There is several ways of doing this process, an in depth full polish which is using several diamond discs or pads  in specified order to bring shine to desired levels. Can be costly. The other is to use a combination of diamond pad and chemical polishing.This can give a very nice shine as well for people not willing to spend for the  best restoration. All stone floors can be honed or polished. Over the last 5 years , travertine floors have been popular for cleaning and polishing.

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